The Founders, Don Vicente A. Gullas and Lady Josefina R. Gullas
Famous Quotation of Don Vicente

“With God’s inspiration as my guiding light, someday among thousands of VI and UV students and alumni, I hope to produce Kings and Queens who will never wear crowns but shall be royal just the same; And when I shall be dead, I wish that my life will not be a tale that is told – a dream empty and forgotten, I wish it to be a prayer, or a song of love and usefulness, even if only to kindle the heart of fire in the soul of some weakling or some unfortunate being who have still the spark and image of God in them.”

From the book of Don Vicente Gullas, The Art of Living Well


The cliché that behind a man's accomplishments is a woman was never more true than in the case of Don Vicente and his better half, Mrs. Josefina Rivera Gullas or Inday Pining as she was fondly called by her intimates. In the founding of the University of the Visayas, from conception to realization and in its growth from a wood-and-zinc institute to a major university in the Visayas, the inspiration and assistance from UV's First Lady was an attendant factor.

But it is in her role as wife and mother that Mrs. Gullas had her shining moments. Despite her work in the University and her continuing involvement in church activities, she still found time to run the Gullas household like a well-oiled machine caring for and mentoring her three children – Inday Sering, Eddie and Dodong – on the Christian values of love and service.

Such values inspired her to look beyond domestic concerns towards the needs of less fortunate people, especially the children of poor families and handicapped individuals. To these people she gave much, not just material help but also sympathy and understanding.

Educator, wife and mother and philanthropist – this was “Inday Pining” Josefina Rivera Gullas.


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